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Floating Loft, Inc. is a group of boating/yachting enthusiasts gathered by Eric Melin who have a range of expertise and hundreds of combined years of business experience. These investors represent an "Advisory Board" and are active in day-to-day decision making. They share the vision of building a global live-a-board community - similar to AirBnB - however, we are not a software company - we OWN the real estate assets (boats). The group members have all built businesses, owned rental properties, and collectively owned dozens if not hundreds of boats. The group has pledged:

- Promote the Live-a-Board "Floating Loft" concept

- Leverage Technology to increase Enterprise Value.

- Sufficient Capital to Fund Acquisitions without Debt

- Quarterly Calls / Annual Meetings

- Relevant Industry Experience (Real Estate Investing, Boating, Tech)

- Contacts, Operational Support, Good Marine/Marina Citizenship


Floating Loft, Inc. was founded in 2020 by Eric Melin in Cambridge Massachusetts. Growing up in Newburyport Mass (Historic Seaport and Birthplace of the US Coast Guard) Eric owned his first motorboat at the age of 15 - making him (perhaps) the youngest ever to go through Coast Guard Certifications. Eric is active in the boating communities of Newburyport which has a long history of Maritime culture and was where the famous Clipper Ships were built as well as home port to the great sea captains of that era. 30 years on and near the water as the owner of many different boats has led to the creating of Floating Lofts to capitalize on the trend for "experiences" and "app" based-rental bookings as popularized by AirBnB, VRBO, and other web-based short-term rental services. We operate a network of liveaboards ("Floating Lofts") globally but focus on the East Coast USA, particularly the Seacoast NH region of New England - as well as the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

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